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Heaven and Earth
, is a new family-friendly PvE/PVP/Crafting guild where are motto is: Honor, Respect, and Integrity. 
Our guild enjoys leveling, dungeons, world pvp, crafting as well as social events and trials. We are currently building our ranks to continue progressing into Morrowind content. Some of our members love pvping and running Campaigns/Arenas. Our members come from all backgrounds: Working Professionals, Homeschool parents and children, College students, and Military personnel. 

Our guild ranks are now open to prospective new members. We encourage you to have a look at our guild charter, which is available at THIS LINK.  Please use the Apply to Guild link to post an application.

We are on the Aldmeri Dominion faction of Elder Scrolls Online. Check out our next scheduled event or contact any of our officers in game - Silkenmoon Rivenmist, Autumn Eventale, Shilay, Selishana Abrielle, Krelian Arkwright.


Silkenmoon Rivenmist

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Summer Sojourn in Elder Scrolls Online

by Silkenmoon, 21 days ago

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Hi everyone,

 I wanted to formally invite you all to come join us for a summer sojourn in Elder Scrolls Online. The first expansion of ESO will hit on June 6th, 2017. We will be playing though the story lines there and experiencing what ESO has to offer. We have started a guild on the Aldmeri Dominion side (yellow side) called Heaven and Earth. There has been a ton of new content added since last we played, some new systems and a HUGE world to explore. ESO  now offers:

New player Housing and decorating of that new home, with crafted place able items. You are able to invite friends and guild mates into your home and they can help you decorate if you choose to let them do so.



Thieves guild - Lock picking and pilfering items

Dark Brotherhood - Assassins and contracts for hits

Extensive Crafting - best gear in the game is crafted! NO RNG!




Dyes for your armor


and so much more.

Morrowind arrives with a new class the Warden, new pvp arena 4x4x4 and more! Here are their trailers:





If you already have ESO then its free to play, or you can choose to do a monthly subscription which gives you some very nice in game perks, like the crafting bag that holds every thing you collect for your crafting professions. We are playing on the PC platform. Xbox and PS4 platforms do not cross with the PC platform so if you have ESO on one of those you will not be able to interact with the guild on the PC platform. So make sure you buy the PC version if you will be joining us!


If you have any questions feel free to hope into discord or send me a whisper!



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